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I've always been a sports buff. Grew up competing in everything and continued as an adult to workout religiously. When an injury caused me to back off on running and yoga for awhile, I started Pilates and met Elise. Not only does Elise have an incredible knowledge of Pilates, but of health, the total body, and working with injuries. Somehow at 32 and with two herniated discs, my body is in better shape than when I was 20. I have Elise to thank for that.
Tricia Helfer, Actress

Pilates in Los Angeles - Elise Modrovich doing Mommy and Me with a clientAfter my pregnancy, most of my body parts either didn't work anymore or hurt so bad they didn't count. I remember standing in Elise's bathroom, looking at my post-baby body with tears in my eyes. I believe my profound thought was... "ew." Elise said something much more profound, like... "Be patient. Your body just has to remember the way it was. All we have to do is help it." About three sessions later, I actually felt like I had ab muscles in there. And after about five sessions my back stopped screaming as loudly. Elise not only helps you look better, she really does make you feel better. The girl has some mad skills. She motivates you and supports you without being that annoying in-your-face-trainer thing. As a matter-of-fact, every time I meet with her I laugh so hard I lose my cookies. But don't worry, she sterilizes the heck out of the Reformers.... And p.s.: She'll even hold and love your new baby while you work out if you can't find a sitter!!!
Ildy Pulice, Writer/Producer, CSI Miami

Working long hours in front of a computer has taken a toll on my back and posture. Elise has helped me develop my core and strength tremendously. Since I started Pilates, I have more energy at work and I sleep better. It truly has changed my life.
Nicole Butler, Motion Picture Project Manager at a large talent agency

I searched for an amazing Pilates instructor for over three years when my previous instructor closed her studio. Elise was the only one I found with the knowledge and expertise that made me feel completely comfortable. She helped me reach and maintain my goals of losing weight, strengthening, and lowering my blood pressure. I highly recommend her!
Nicole McClinton, Contracts Manager, City of Beverly Hills

Pilates with Elise is fabulous! She's also an incredible dancer. I’m in the best shape in years!
Jaclyn Wishnow, Designer, Ran*Tee's/ Charly Madison Design

Get ready for a serious workout. Elise is as good as it gets. I now stand up straight.
Fredric Richman, Partner, Loeb & Loeb LLP

Elise Modrovich"Thanks to Elise, I'm in the best shape of my life at 36 years old. I used to have such terrible back pain that I would often miss days of work, unable to get out of bed. Since starting Pilates with Elise three years ago, that's all a distant memory. Elise customized my workout from the beginning to address my specific structural issues, and she continues to do so to this day. My posture, muscle tone and confidence have all improved dramatically as a result -- and best of all, working out with her is fun!"
Lotti Pharriss, Writer/Actor

Elise is a great instructor. She always encourages you to be your best. Elise is very complimentary and always has a smile on her face. She makes coming to each session very enjoyable.
Jennifer Weitzman-Varela, Registered Dietician

Workouts with Elise have always been challenging and fun. And she helped me get the booty I always wanted!
Miri Tyler, Office Development Coordinator, Joe Roth Television

Elise has continually improved my posture, opened up and helped rehabilitate my shoulder injuries, and strengthened my core beyond my expectations. I’m stronger and leaner than I’ve ever been!
K. Robert (Bobby) Turner, Managing Partner,
Canyon Capital Realty Advisors

"There is no doubt that Pilates has strengthened my body more than any other practice I've tried....and Elise's focus and expertise have made it possible for us to set very specific goals and attain them, all in a safe, challenging way."
Stacie Randall, Actress

I have taken Pilates for several years with other instructors, but I have never had the results or felt the burn like I do with Elise Modrovich. She is an excellent trainer who is very serious about giving me fast results. I have never been happier to have someone kick my ass, because it is looking great.
Merrin Dungey, Actress

No doubt, Elise will whip you into shape with an amazing workout. The beauty is she'll distract you with her singing, dancing, and funny stories, so you won't realize your body is crying "uncle". It's all great fun and the results show in your arms, legs, bootie, and abs.
Linda Yee, Executive Vice President of Marketing, Countrywide

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